Public Education

Angat Buhay champions accessible and inclusive quality education for every Filipino child. Through our initiatives that includes literacy and numeracy interventions, we promote a love for learning and ensure that students are skilled and equipped for employment. We also work with partners to provide facilities to enable effective learning delivery, especially in the most vulnerable areas in the country.

Public Health

Angat Buhay aims to ensure that every Filipino has access to quality healthcare and proper nutrition. We partner with organizations and mobilize volunteers to provide holistic interventions that can help improve the mental well-being, nutrition, and over-all health of families-in-need.

Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation

Angat Buhay aims to assist disaster-stricken areas by providing immediate assistance, supporting rehabilitation initiatives, and delivering interventions for risk reduction and resiliency.

Community Engagement and Empowerment

AB believes that active citizenship and people’s participation and empowerment are essential in our fight against poverty. Through our various initiatives, we harness the true spirit of bayanihan and engage stakeholders and volunteers to become actively involved in developing projects that uplift their communities.